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Heat Transfers

Heat Transfer Items
Heat Transfer Application

Heat transferring is a dry printing process like hot stamping where a preprinted graphic image is trapped between a heated plate and the part. Heat and pressure is applied to the part and the graphic is then permanently bonded to the part.

Mystic's Heat Transfer CapabilitiesThe advantage to heat transfer is that multi-color graphics can be applied to a part in one pass; therefore the customer can have the benefit of a multi-colored print while only having to pay the cost of a single application.

Although this process has many advantages, it is usually only cost effective in higher volume applications because of the cost associated with setting up and screening the transfers.

Mystic has several machines with heat transfer capability. If this process fits your decorating requirements then we can fulfill your needs.


We can use heat transfers on many types of plastic including:
• Polypropylene
• Polyethylene
• Acrylic

Heat transfer can be used where multi-color, tight registration graphics are required.


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