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Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping Capabilities
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Mystic's Hot Stamping Capabilities

Hot stamping is a dry printing process. In hot stamping, metallic or color pigmented hot stamping foil is applied to the part by trapping the material between a heated die and the part. Heat and pressure is applied and the foil is released from the carrier and is permanently bonded to the part. Hot stamping machines are specific to certain types of applications.

Hot Stamping ServicesFlat hot stamping machines are designed to be used exclusively on flat parts or flat areas of a part. They can also be used to tip off a raised area on a part such as raised letters or numbers.

There are also roll hot stamping machines which are designed to rotate a round or oval part under the die to print on these types of surfaces. This allows for 360 degree printing on round cylindrical shapes and front or back printing on oval shapes.

Mystic has a variety of hot stamping machines that perform both of these functions, giving us the ability to accommodate almost any hot stamping request.

We can hot stamp on many substrates including:
• Wood
• Leather
• Textiles

Foils come in many finishes including:
• Metallic
• High / Low Gloss
• Pigmented
• Matte
• Holographic

We can print on a variety of shapes and surfaces including:
• Raised
• Embossed
• Oval


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