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Decorating & Printing Services  

Medical Devices Printing


Printing medical devices and tools can be one of the most challenging types of printing. At Mystic, we have an exceptional amount of expertise to provide your company with the most sustainable and reliable decoration/identification for your products. We utilize many different printing techniques to offer the right solution for your applications. The following are the different technologies we utilize in the Medical industry.

Wet Ink: Pad print, screen print and Offset- A wet ink process where an ink is applied directly to the part being printed. Hot Stamping/Heat Transfer: The image or decoration is transferred from a film carrier to the part and applied through heat and pressure.

Laser Marking - medical devices is a guarantee for permanency reliability. Laser marking is a non-touch process used when the part is hard to reach the print area or cannot have any ink or chemicals applied. Laser marking is a preferred method when it comes to tracing and tracking medical components and devices serialization, barcodes and 2D matrix codes. Laser marking is computer driven with incredible detail with logos and text as well.

We have the ability to print on almost any substrate including:
Plastic – Including polypropylene and polyethylene
Metal – Including stainless steel and powder coated aluminum
Glass – Including frosted and ceramic
• Wood


We also provide in-house flame treatment of materials when needed. We use UV and solvent based inks as well as specialty inks used to print on glass, polypropylene and polyethylene parts.

We can also print on many shapes including:
• Oval
• Round
Concave / Convex
• Irregular
• Raised

We serve the following industries:
Cosmetic / Personal Care
Medical / Pharmaceutical
Molding & Manufacturing
Promotional / Advertising Specialty


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