Mystic Assembly
Decorating and Printing on Plastic, Glass and Metal

Decorating and Printing Services
Mystic Assembly's decorating and printing services include pad printing, screen printing, pressure sensitive labeling, hot stamping, heat transfers and assembly.

High Quality Decorated Product
Mystic Assembly & Decorating Co., Inc. has been providing the highest quality decorated product since it was founded in 1991. Our experience and knowledge of the decorating industry, coupled with the variety and versatility of our equipment allows us to decorate on virtually any substrate as well as on a vast variety of three dimensional shapes, providing the customer with the best option for their decorating needs.

Pad Printing Samples
A listing of one color, two color and multi color pad printing samples.

Pad Printing Capabilities
Mystic Assembly & Decorating Co., Inc. is a full service pad printing facility. We have over twenty five pieces of pad printing equipment in single and multi-color configurations that operate in automatic and semi-automatic modes.

Screen Printing Services
Mystic's screen printing is a method used to transfer ink onto a part. We provide flat screen printing, cylindrical screen printing, oval screen printing as well as high volume automatic screen printing.

Pressure Sensitive Labeling
Mystic has several pressure sensitive labeling machines that can apply labels to round or oval bottles. All of our equipment can provide seam registration on all bottles. Our high speed automatic machines provide seam registration for wrap labels or front-back applications. Front-back applications are accomplished in one pass, providing the most economic cost to the customer.

Hot Stamping Capabilities
Mystic has a variety of hot stamping machines that include flat hot stamping machines and roll hot stamping machines, giving us the ability to accommodate almost any hot stamping request.

Printing on Plastic Materials
We are able to decorate on a variety of plastic material utilizing all of our printing techniques from pad printing and silk screening to hot stamping, heat transfer and pressure sensitive labeling.

Glass Printing Capabilities
For flat decorating applications, we can use any of our decorating services. We can pad print, screen print, hot stamp or heat transfer on these surfaces depending on the material and size of the print area.

Metal Surface Printing
We print on many metal surfaces. We can pad print and screen print on metal stampings, aluminum and stainless steel. We can also pad print or screen print on bare metal, painted, powder coated or anodized surfaces.

Printing on Flat Shapes and Surfaces
For flat decorating applications, we can use any of our decorating services. We can pad print, screen print, hot stamp or heat transfer on these surfaces depending on the material and size of the print area.

Printing on Cylindrical Shapes and Surfaces
Cylindrical or round parts can be decorated by a variety of methods. We can pad print on these surfaces, but as a rule of thumb you are restricted to printing around 90 degrees of the circumference. We can screen print virtually around the entire circumference depending on the part. This can be done in multi-color with tight registration.

Printing on Concave and Convex Surfaces
Concave and convex shapes can be decorated using a pad printer. Since silicone pads, used on the pad printer, are made in a multitude of sizes, shapes and durometers, we are able to select the proper configuration to conform to these shapes. Although there are certain print limitations, depending on the size of the part and artwork, clear, undistorted results can be achieved in most cases.

We provide our printing services to many electrical companies. We print on a wide variety of components such as telephone or electronic cover plates, electrical receptacles, on/off switches, computer components and many others.

Contact Information for Mystic Assembly
Mystic Assembly & Decorating Co., Inc.
19 Vincent Circle
Ivyland, Pennsylvania 18974
Phone: 215-957-0280
Fax: 215-956-0139


Heat Transfer Services
Mystic has several machines with heat transfer capability. If this process fits your decorating requirements then we can fulfill your needs. We can use heat transfers on many types of plastic including polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC and acrylic.

Assembly and Packaging Services
Mystic is a full service assembly facility. We offer complete or partial product assembly, specializing in high volume, labor intensive operations. Our capabilities include coordination of raw materials and inventory management, assembly line production, inspection, final packaging and shipping.

Screen Making Services
Mystic makes all of the screens used in our screen printing process. We design and make special screens to fit unusual part decorating requirements.

Plate Making Services
Mystic makes all of their own polymer plates on premises using state-of-the-art equipment that insures precise etched image depth for clean, crisp pad printing requirements.

Custom Tooling Design
Mystic designs and builds precise tooling fixtures used to hold your part in place so that the part is printed in the correct location. These fixtures are designed to provide exact imprint repeatability so that we can maintain tight registration on multi-color applications.

Packaging Capabilities
Mystic provides a variety of packaging requirements; from simple stack or layer packaging to shrink film, clamshell or blister packaging. If your product requires secondary packaging, Mystic is capable of providing this service.

Image Setting Services
Mystic can take many of your electronic artwork files and output them to film positives.We will take your electronic artwork file and review its content to insure that it meets the requirements needed to make a quality screen or polymer plate.

Artwork Manipulation
When reviewing your artwork file, Mystic may require some change to the artwork in order to provide the best print quality. We will inform you of the required changes and either you can make these revisions or we can provide the revision in-house.

Warehousing Capabilities
Mystic has over 10,000 square feet of space available for product storage. Most of this space is allocated to existing orders. In certain instances we will arrange to store a customer’s inventory for a longer period of time in order to reduce lead time and produce specific order changes more quickly. In those cases we use a computerized inventory control system to track the inventory and provide online accountability.

Cosmetic Personal Care
The cosmetic / personal care segment of our business represents a significant percentage of our overall sales. Mystic has placed a high priority on developing this segment of our operation. We have purchased almost one million dollars worth of equipment in the past three years to expand our capabilities in this market.

Molders & Manufacturers
Over the years, Mystic has partnered in many projects with injection molders and manufacturers. We work with both relatively small injection molders, whose requirements may only be several thousand parts to be decorated, and very large national manufacturers whose requirements are in the millions.

Mystic has worked with many telecommunication companies in the past, fulfilling their product decoration needs. Our projects range from decoration of air phones and air phone mounting brackets used by the airline industry, to close circuit help phones used in the banking industry to cell phone logos used by private companies.

Medical and Pharmaceutical
Mystic offers its wide variety of printing services to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We are able to print on many irregular surfaces and since many medical and pharmaceutical devices have irregular surfaces we are successful in printing on these products.

Promotional and Ad Specialty
Over the years, Mystic has printed on literally thousands of promotional and ad specialty products. Our multi-color decorating machines allow us to print team logos for many professional teams, such as baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer and arena football. Since our printing techniques are so diverse, we can decorate on almost any shape or surface and since promotional / ad specialty products are so varied, we provide one stop shopping for many vendors.